Boat Watch

Similar to Neighbourhood Watch, Boat Watch is run by, and for, members of the boating community and is fully supported by the Police. It can be organised for a group of boat enthusiasts or simply by a lone individual. Either way, the benefits are the same.

Members are able to share information about criminal, anti-social and suspicious behaviour in their area, have access to the Devon and Cornwall Alert messaging service and can obtain information about security products and property marking kits.

You can also register your property for free at and search for details of stolen property prior to buying any new equipment.

Here in Devon and Cornwall

Here in the South West, Boat Watch falls under the remit of DaCCWA and is supported by the Police.

Boat Watch, which is also linked locally to the National Maritime Project Kraken to deliver enhanced counter-terrorism vigilance, has dedicated Community Co-ordinators in each individual Boat Watch area. Each Co-ordinator then has a direct link to a local policing team which allows members to share information about criminal, anti-social and suspicious behaviour in their area in a bid to increase the prevention and detection of marine related crime. It also serves to encourage greater community engagement between individual boat owners and businesses with the Police and other marine related groups.

Benefits of joining

  • You will receive stickers and signs to display on your property.
  • You will have access to Devon and Cornwall Alert (early information regarding crimes or suspicious behaviour) as well as to your local policing team.
  • You will receive advice on how to report suspicious activity.
  • You will be able to access information about security products that reduce theft and increase the chance of offenders being caught.
  • You will be able to register your property and search for details of stolen property prior to buying new equipment.
  • Have the opportunity to purchase property marking kits at reduced rates.
  • Have the opportunity to buy Devon and Cornwall Police branded engine covers.

How to join

It’s free to join Boat Watch. All you need to do is:

  1. Register your details with Devon and Cornwall Alert
  2. Contact DaCCWA for more details by using the Enquiry Form

Additional information

  1. Keep your boat secure and remove items that can be removed, or secure them also.
  2. Marking your possessions and displaying the fact that you have taken such action will deter thieves. Take a look at our crime reduction information on our web site –
  3. Prepare and record a list of all identification numbers. Did you know you can record such information for free on
  4. Keep engine and/or boat keys separate and secure at all times.
  5. Use padlocks that are appropriate and recommended for maritime environments.
  6. Consider fitting a strongbox, particularly if you travel to different ports.
  7. All on deck items must be readily available when the boat is in use e.g. life raft but when moored, alongside or at a mooring, the same items become attractive to thieves. Develop a routine to secure such valuable items before and after you set sail.
  8. If you use a mooring and then use a dinghy, think about how you can secure the dinghy, engine and paddles etc when you reach land. Have you secured your boat before leaving it?
  9. Register your details with the Devon and Cornwall Alert
  10. Join a ‘Boat Watch’ scheme in your local area – contact the local Neighbourhood Team for details.

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