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A Rural Crime Strategy is intended that Farm Watch and other watch schemes such as Horse Watch and Moor Watch will be encompassed within the overarching Rural Crime Strategy. This will meet with the identified needs of the relevant ‘communities’ as we currently understand them.

Where local communities show a desire to set up an active Farm Watch scheme they will be given the necessary support to do so.


To improve policing outcomes and improve community safety for the residents of Devon, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly with regard to farm related crime.


The aims of the scheme are to:

  • Increase the prevention and detection of farm related crime
  • Increase community engagement between individual members, the police and other farming related groups
  • Reduce the fear of crime in your community
  • Increase public confidence in the police and other involved agencies
  • Improve and increase the flow of intelligence
  • Increase membership of the community messaging facility.


  • Where local communities show a desire to set up an active Farm Watch scheme they should be given the necessary support to do so. Consultation and assistance should be sought from Neighbourhood Policing, LP&P Department as appropriate
  • Neighbourhood Officers to establish links with the appropriate agencies relevant to their areas, make contact with local farmers, suppliers, and any other person they consider appropriate
  • Offer membership to the ‘Farm Watch’ scheme and the associated benefits
  • Staff should identify, by geographic area, the most appropriate person for the role of scheme co-ordinator
  • All scheme members should be invited to complete a Community messaging contact form (click here to view form) in order that they can receive relevant information in respect of farm related crime or suspect persons.

Information and Documentation

Details of supporting information, documentation and products e.g. stickers, signs, publicity leaflets etc. is available here ……………on the Watch Scheme intranet site.


DaCCWA Registered Charity No. 1074233